VTS – Liberty University Olympic

Located at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake State Park this race is a must do event for the regions Collegiate and High School athletes. With a crisp, clean 1500 meter swim, rolling 24 mile bike and rolling 6.2 run in the state park this is an outstanding event for all athletes and one that focuses on the collegiate athlete. This race is now scored for VTS-MTS Series points!

Course Details

Swim Course:  The swim takes place in the cool, clear waters of Smith Mountain Lake. Athletes will start the 1500 meter course on the beach with the collegiate men going off in wave one, then followed 10 minutes later by the collegiate women. The swim is tucked away in a cove and very well supported. A short run from the beach to transition takes you to the bike course. The water temperature is expected to be in the low to mid 60’s.

Bike Course:  The bike course starts out with 5 rolling miles inside the park. Athletes turn left out of the park to continue the ride on rural country roads with a few nice hills and rollers. This is a great bike course and has only 3 turns outside the state park.

Run Course:  The run is a rolling 6.2 mile out and back course contained entirely within the state park with water stations located every mile.

There are 150 spots for general entry, ie not Collegiate.  Awards will go 3 deep for Overall and Masters (M&F).  Also, series points will be awarded for age groups and categories.


DISTANCE: 1500 Meter Swim (lake); 24 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 10K Run (rolling hills)

VTS – Giant Acorn Olympic

Located at beautiful Lake Anna State Park the Giant Acorn is an end of season ritual for hundreds of triathletes throughout the region. You can expect crystal clear water, a sandy beach start, and an immaculate park with lots of activities for the kids. The bike course is now one loop and a big ring flyer! Located just 30 minutes SW of Fredericksburg and about an hour NW of Richmond.

Course Details

Swim Course: The 1500 meter swim begins on the beach at Lake Anna State Park. The rectangular shaped course will have 2 right turns and sighting buoys will be located approximately every 75 meters. We expect the water at this time of year and at this section of the lake to be in the low 70’s. A temperature reading will be taken and posted the Thursday prior to the event. The water temperature at this location has averaged in the low 70’s which is pretty nice for October!

Bike Course: The Giant Acorn International bike course is a lollypop course that is 24.6 miles long. With a left turn out of the park athletes have great pavement and traverse much of the first part of the Kinetic Half bike course. The pavement is great and the terrain is varied as you traverse rural country roads. The course has a great elevation mix and will soon become one of the most popular in the series.

Run Course: The International run course is the same as the Sprint course, it’s just 2 loops. There is a large hill at the beginning coming out of T2 but it levels off for the middle section of the course. There is a large down hill towards the finish line where athletes will start their second lap of the run. On your second pass athletes will veer 15 degrees into the finishing chute. The course is heavily shaded, well supported and entirely run on asphalt.


DISTANCE: 1500 Meter Swim (lake); 42K Bike (rolling hills); 10K Run (rolling hills)

VTS – SavageMan 40.0

Deep Creek Lake and the pristine, rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Maryland, provide a venue of unmatched beauty and stunning scenery, and feature two courses that will certainly bring out the true “Savage” in all who come to conquer, from the competitive Ironman racer to the leisurely back-of-the-pack or novice participant. Whether swimming in crystal clear Deep Creek Lake, riding the smooth, remote, and challenging roads of Garrett County, or running on Deep Creek State Park trails and the surrounding lakeside roads, the SavageMan Triathlon Festival races will challenge and awe every participant.  If such a triathlon event appeals to you then you will love the SavageMan Triathlon Festival.

The SavageMan 40.0 Triathlon is an Olympic distance triathlon consisting of a 0.93 mile swim, 32.6 mile bike, and 6.5 mile run. The SavageMan 40.0 follows the first 11 miles of the SavageMan 70.0 course.  After the descent on Spring Lick Road, 40.0 athletes turn left at the bottom and ride up Dry Run Road which provides 1100′ of climbing over 7 miles.  The 40.0 provides athletes a beautiful, shorter, and less Savage triathlon alternative to the flagship SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon, while still offering all the beauty and just enough of a taste of the hills for SavageMan 40.0 Triathlon athletes to earn their SavageMan pedigree! The SavageMan 40.0 Triathlon bike course does NOT go through Westernport, so there is no Westernport Wall for the SavageMan 40.0 Triathlon athletes.


DISTANCE: 0.9 Mile Swim (lake); 33 Mile Bike (hilly); 6.2 Mile Run (hilly)

Setup – White Lake Half & Oly (Fall)

Course Description:


The magic of White Lake has always been the lake. White Lake is one of the finest lakes you will ever have the pleasure to swim in – a perfect oval, two miles long and one mile across. The lake which is fed by subterranean springs is crystal clear with a sand bottom – about nine feet deep out in the very middle. Most mornings, White Lake is so perfectly flat; you’d swear you were looking at a sheet of ice. The swim course is a triangular shaped course. Participants exit the water at the end of the easternmost pier/dock and run about 300 yards to the transition area. Expect the water temp to be in the high 60s to the low 70s. This WILL be a wetsuit legal race. If the water temperature is below 65 degrees this event will become a wetsuit mandatory event.

We will post a water temp on the Thursday of race week.

NEW for 2018:

Beginning in 2018, we will change the White Lake Fall races (Half, Int'l, and Sprint) into time trial starts.
Participants will start one at a time - every couple of seconds by crossing over start timing mats and either diving or jumping into the lake.
The timing mats will be located at the edge of the pier/dock.

Note: The White Lake Spring races will continue to be wave start events. We're just changing things up a little to give some distinction between the Spring and Fall races.




It's taken twenty years but Hwy 53 has finally been re-paved. This means that the 20 mile stretch back to the FFA Center will now be nice and smooth. No more seams every 10 yards.
Competitors take a right out of the FFA center onto Hwy 53 and ride about 1.5 miles where they turn right onto Hwy 701. North on Hwy 701 for 8 miles to Hwy 210. Right (southeast) on Hwy 210 for 25 miles to Hwy 53. Right on Hwy 53 for the 20 miles back to the race site.

Run Course:

This is an out & back course. The run course basically circles White Lake. Runners go right on Hwy 53 and then right on Hwy 701. Runners then turn right into the Turtle Cove subdivision where they do a short out & back in order to get the mileage needed for the Half. Coming out of Turtle Cove, runners turn right onto Hwy 701, head up around the north end of the lake and bear right onto White Lake Dr.  The run turn-around is located at the end of White Lake Dr. - just short of the White Lake Dr./Hwy 53 intersection. The return route to the FFA Center is the same - minus the Turtle Cove section. Consequently, runners only go into Turtle Cove on the outbound leg of the run.

IMPORTANT:  The run course along both Hwy 53 and Hwy 701 will be coned - with cones separating vehicular traffic from runners. Runners MUST stay inside the traffic cones. Any runner caught running outside the traffic cones will be DQ'd on the spot. This is a very important safety consideration, so violations to this rule will be dealt with severely - NO WARNING. 

VTS – Patriot’s Olympic

The Patriot’s International: Located on the James River next to the Jamestown settlement, centerpiece for the 400th celebration of Jamestown. Just minutes from I-64 in Williamsburg, VA the Patriot’s International is a must do event. After a 1500 meter swim in the James River athletes will ride through 24 miles of rural countryside on mostly flat terrain and good pavement. Once you have laced up your running shoes you’ll be treated to a flat and fast 6.2 mile run on a combination of bike paths and jogging trails.  The International will be run in conjunction with the Patriots Half, you’ll have a great weekend in Williamsburg!


DISTANCE: 1,500 meter swim, 40K bike, 10K run

Michigan Titanium


We are a group of triathletes who are passionate about growing a Healthy Community. As we have progressed in the triathlon sport and as triathlon participation continues to hit all-time highs across the county, we felt it was time to bring a USAT Sanctioned Full, Half & Olympic Distance Triathlons to Michigan. There are no other events of this caliber in the state. We feel this event will not only bring top athletes from across the country, it will also encourage a less experienced triathlete to participate in these next level events.


The main venue for the Mi Titanium is Versluis Park in Plainfield township. A 1.2 mile loop swim will be in Versluis Lake a very clean and clear lake that does not allow the use of gas motors. The Full Tri will be a double loop swim, the Half Tri will be a single loop and the Olympic will be an out & back. This is a spectator friendly swim. Transition is located in a large paved parking lot adjacent to the park. The Bike will leave the park on Northland drive and quickly turn on Cannonsburg Rd, generally heading east and back with a loop course. The Full Tri will be a double loop 112 mile bike, the Half Tri will be a single loop 56 miles, and the Olympic Tri will be an out & back of 24.8 miles. Following transition back at Versluis Park, the run will head south on Northland Drive to Grand River Ave. The out & back run course will go through Plainfield and Ada, remaining east of the Beltline. The Full Tri is a 4 lap course of 26.2 marathon distance, the Half Tri will be two lap at 13.1 miles and the olympic is a single lap of 6.2 miles. The finish line is located at the drive into Versluis Park.


Full Tri – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike, 26.2 Run
Full Tri Relay – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike, 26.2 Run
Full Aquabike – 2.4 Swim, 112 Bike
Full Duathlon – 112 Bike, 26.2 Run

Half Tri – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
Half Tri Relay – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike, 13.1 Run
Half Aquabike – 1.2 Swim, 56 Bike
Half Duathlon – 56 Bike, 13.1 Run

Olympic Tri – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
Olympic Tri Relay – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run
Olympic Aquabike – .93 Swim, 24.8 Bike
Olympic Duathlon – 24.8 Bike, 6.2 Run

VTS – Culpeper Oly & Sprint

The swim takes place in the clear waters of Mountain Run Lake where athletes will swim a 1 loop course and exit into the unique transition area that is the Culpeper Triathlon. The transition area and finish line are in a bowl surrounded by banked seating on either side.  This is not an easy bike course, but it sure is fun with an extended straightaway on 522 that is great for tucking into the aero position. The run course is a challenging 2 lap version of the sprint course.

Sprint: 750 Meter Swim (lake); 16 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 5K Run (rolling hills)

Olympic: 1500 Meter Swim (lake); 24 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 10K Run (rolling hills)

Setup – Lake Logan International/Sprint

The international distance race has quickly become one of the premier races in the Southeast, attracting athletes from across the country.  The Sunday date provides a great option for couples wanting a variety of races to choose from over the weekend.

VTS – Colonial Beach Olympic

The Colonial Beach Triathlon Festival consist of 2 great triathlon events set in scenic Colonial Beach.  2017 will mark the 33rd year for international distance race. The swim starts out with a 1 loop L shaped 1500 meter swim in the Potomac river. This is then followed by a 40K bike course through mostly rural countryside which is mostly flat. Upon your return to the beach athletes will embark on a flat, fast out and back 10K course. Athletes will then be treated to a post race feast and can spend the day in Colonial Beach or the surrounding area.


DISTANCE: 1500 Meter Swim (bay); 40K Bike (flat); 10K Run (flat)

VTS – Jamestown Oly & Sprint

The Jamestown Triathlon is located across the street from the birthplace of America, Jamestown, VA.  Just minutes from Williamsburg, VA there are multiple places to stay and many things to do once you are done with your race.  After a swim in the James River athletes will ride a mostly flat bike course.  Once you have laced up your running shoes you’ll be treated to a flat and fast run course on a combination of bike paths and jogging trails.  Take a half day Friday and get in early to get your race packet, check out the race site and experience all that the greater Williamsburg area has to offer, including modern attractions, amusements, and historical sites from Jamestown to Yorktown.


Sprint: 750 Meter Swim; 20K Bike (flat); 5K Run (flat)

Olympic: 1500 Meter Swim; 40K Bike (flat); 10K Run (flat)