VTS – Giant Acorn Sprint

Located at beautiful Lake Anna State Park, the Giant Acorn is an end of season ritual for hundreds of triathletes throughout the region. You can expect crystal clear water, a sandy beach start, and an immaculate park with lots of activities for the kids. The bike course is the same as the Kinetic Sprint and consists of 3 turns outside of the park. Located just 30 minutes SW of Fredericksburg and about an hour NW of Richmond.

Course Details

Swim Course: The 750 meter swim begins on the beach at Lake Anna State Park. The rectangular shaped course will have 2 right turns and sighting buoys will be located approximately every 75 meters. We expect the water at this time of year and at this section of the lake to be in the low 70’s. A temperature reading will be taken and posted the Thursday prior to the event. The water temperature at this location has averaged in the low 70’s which is pretty nice for October!

Bike Course: The bike course is a lollipop style 15.5 mile course. With a left turn out of the park athletes have great pavement and a few hills as they ride the country roads of Spotsylvania County.

Run Course: The Sprint run course starts with a serious climb out of transition on the main park road. You will be tired coming out of T2 but it levels off for the middle section of the course as you run along the forested cabin and campground loops. There is a large down hill towards the finish line where athletes will finish by veering 15 degrees off the beach sidewalk into the finishing chute. This is a scenic and seriously fast run course once you get past the first 1/4 mile!


DISTANCE: 750 Meter Swim (lake); 15.5 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 5K Run (rolling hills)

VTS – Savageman 20 and 20/20

The SavageMan 20.0 Triathlon is a Sprint distance triathlon consisting of a 0.45 mile swim, 15.5 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. The SavageMan 20.0 provides athletes a shorter, flatter triathlon alternative to the SavageMan 70.0 or 40.0, while still offering all the beauty of Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County.  The SavageMan 20.0 Triathlon bike course does not feature any major climbs and does NOT go through Westernport.

The SavageMan 20/20 Triathlon is a new formatted double Sprint distance triathlon consisting of a 0.45 mile swim (done 2x), 15.5 mile bike (done 2x), and 3.1 mile run (done 2x).  Athletes doing the 20/20 will race head to head by doing the first 0.45 mile swim, completing a short run around the jetty, then re-entering the water to start their 2nd 0.45 mile swim.  After their second swim athletes will complete their first 15.5 mile bike route by entering the park via the boat ramp entrance, going straight to the f transition area and heading out on their first 5k run, after the first run you will head back out for their 2nd lap of the bike.  After finishing their 2nd lap of the bike athletes will do the 5k run course and then on to the finish line.  So it will be .45 swim, run around jetty and start second .45 mile swim then 15.5 mile bike, 5k run, 15.5 mile bike, 5k run.

20.0 Distance: 0.45 Mile Swim (lake); 15.5 Mile Bike (rolling); 3.1 Mile Run (flat with one good hill)

20/20 Distance: 0.45 Mile Swim (lake); short run to another 0.45 Mile Swim (lake); 3.1 Mile Run (flat with one good hill); 15.5 Mile Bike (rolling); 15.5 Mile Bike (rolling);  3.1 Mile Run (flat with one good hill)

Setup – White Lake Sprint (Fall)


The basic reason that the White Lake races  have become so popular over the years is the lake itself. White Lake is one of the finest lakes you will ever have the pleasure to swim in – a perfect oval, two miles long and one mile across. The lake which is fed by subterranean springs is crystal clear with a sand bottom – about nine feet deep out in the very middle. Most mornings, White Lake is so perfectly flat; you’d swear you were looking at a sheet of ice. The swim course is triangular shaped. Participants exit the water at the end of the easternmost pier/dock and run about 300 yards to the transition area.

A water temperature will be posted on our website by 5PM on Thursday, September 6th.

NEW for 2018:

Beginning in 2018, we will change the White Lake Fall races (Half, Int'l, and Sprint) into time trial starts.
Participants will start one at a time - every couple of seconds by crossing over start timing mats and either diving or jumping into the lake.
The timing mats will be located at the edge of the pier/dock.
Note: The White Lake Spring races will continue to be wave start events. We're just changing things up a little to give some distinction between the Spring and Fall races.


The bike course is a two-lap course - each lap being 7 miles in length. The course circles White Lake and is very fast. There are only 2 right hand turns on this course, and there are no hills whatsoever.


The 5K run is an out & back course. Runners take a right out of the FFA center onto Hwy 53, down 53. Run behind the Wam Squam onto 701, turn around and back to the FFA Center.

VTS – Patriot’s Sprint

Located at Jamestown Beach Park next to the Jamestown settlement which was the centerpiece for the Jamestown 2007 Celebration. Just minutes from I-64 in Williamsburg, VA this is another must do event. After a 750 meter swim in the James River athletes will ride 20K over great pavement along Rt. 5 in James City County. Once you have laced up your running shoes you’ll be treated to a pancake flat 5K on an asphalt bike path.


DISTANCE: 750 Meter Swim (bay); 20K Bike (flat); 5K Run (flat)

Appalachain Du/Triathlon

The triathlon is a sprint event with a 550 meter swim, a 13.25 mile bike, and 5 km run.
The duathlon is a sprint event with a 1 mile run, a 13.25 mile bike, and a 5 km run.

Triathlon Course details:

Swim: An open water swim in relatively shallow water. Swimmers start in waves according to their registration category. The Youth and First Timers start in the last wave. The 550 meter course starts just off the beach with the participants in the water. The swim is in a clockwise direction, around a small island and then returning to the beach. Upon exiting the water, the participants will cover about 50 meters of sand/grass as they proceed to the transition area.

Bike: The bike route is an out and back. Riders walk their bike out of the transition area before mounting and then proceed away from the lake area to the west, down Route 14 for about 6.5 miles. Riders will then do a u-turn at the turn-around point. The turn around point is marked with cones in the center of the road. Riders then head east, back to the lake area, dismounting before entering the transition area. Course is fairly flat; overall elevation change ~ 400 feet.

Run: The running course starts out on pavement for ~ 0.5 miles and then transitions to a packed gravel road that will take the participants through the camping areas. Runners head east from the lake area and head down the far end of the park on the left side of the road. They will then follow the far campground loop clockwise and work their way west, back to the lake area. They will loop two additional camp ground areas on the return, staying on the right hand side of the road as they go. The run is basically flat; overall elevation change 182 feet.

Duathlon Course Details:

Run: The 1 mile run is on pavement. The duathletes all start the 1 mile run together, heading east from the transition area. They head out on the left side of the road for 0.5 miles, then work their way back to the transition area.

Bike: Same as triathlon course. See description above under ‘triathlon’.

Run: Same as triathlon course. See description above under ‘triathlon’.

Clayton Lake Sprint Tri

Claytor Lake Triathlon is held in Southwest Virginia at the beautiful Claytor Lake State Park. This triathlon offers warm water, a scorching bike course and a cool trail run.

Come for the race and stay for the party! Fun times for all!


Course Info: 

500 meter swim portion -> entering the open water in ~50 person heats, swimmers will make a counter-clockwise path starting from the cove to the right of the beach house, around the bend and exit back onto the sandy beach approximately 100 yards from the bicycle transition area. Swimmers will never be further than 75 feet from the shore line and shallow water!

12.5 mile bicycle course -> depart swim beach, riding State Park Road 3 miles to Wilderness Road (T intersection). Left onto Wilderness Road approximately 2.5 miles to Newbern Road (T intersection). Left onto Newbern road approximately .75 miles to Davis Road (on the right, triangle section of road). Return via same route.

3.1 mile run course -> this course involves multiple running surfaces including hiking trails, loose gravel and pavement and stays within the confines of Claytor Lake State Park.

Start: The cove to the right of the bathhouse at the beach if facing the lake.

VTS – Culpeper Oly & Sprint

The swim takes place in the clear waters of Mountain Run Lake where athletes will swim a 1 loop course and exit into the unique transition area that is the Culpeper Triathlon. The transition area and finish line are in a bowl surrounded by banked seating on either side.  This is not an easy bike course, but it sure is fun with an extended straightaway on 522 that is great for tucking into the aero position. The run course is a challenging 2 lap version of the sprint course.

Sprint: 750 Meter Swim (lake); 16 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 5K Run (rolling hills)

Olympic: 1500 Meter Swim (lake); 24 Mile Bike (rolling hills); 10K Run (rolling hills)

Setup – Lake Logan International/Sprint

The international distance race has quickly become one of the premier races in the Southeast, attracting athletes from across the country.  The Sunday date provides a great option for couples wanting a variety of races to choose from over the weekend.

VTS – Tidewater Sprint

The Tidewater Triathlon is brought to you in partnership with the City of Hampton and Buckroe Beach. There is plenty to see and do in the area so come in Friday night and see the local attractions before the race on Saturday.

Course Details

Swim Course: Staged out of Buckroe Beach the swim is in the Chesapeake Bay and features a rectangle swim course. It is a 1 loop course with a short beach run to get to the transition area. The course maps show a clockwise loop, but the direction of the swim will be determined race morning depending on the current. We do not expect it to be Wetsuit legal, but always be prepared!

Bike Course: The bike course is a 2 loop flat course that goes down Mallory and Mercury Streets. The turnaround is now just outside Fort Monroe on the far end and on the near end at the intersection of Mallory and Point Comfort (not near the transition area). This course is very flat and very fast. The road surface is not perfect but it is flat!

Run Course: Fast and flat out and back sums up this course. The first half is along the boardwalk and the back half is along First Street. There will be ice water available 3 times during the run.


DISTANCE: 500 Meter Swim (bay); 10 Mile Bike (flat); 5K Run (flat)

VTS – Colonial Beach Sprint

The Colonial Beach Triathlon Festival consist of 2 great triathlon events set in scenic Colonial Beach. The swim starts out with a 1 loop L shaped 750 meter swim in the Potomac river. This is then followed by a mostly flat 14 mile bike course through rural countryside. Upon your return to the beach athletes will embark on a scenic flat and fast out and back 5K course. Athletes will then be treated to a post race feast and can spend the day in Colonial Beach or the surrounding area.


DISTANCE: 750 Meter Swim (bay); 14 Mile Bike (flat); 5K Run (flat)