SwimRun VA

SwimRunVA is a challenging, multi-leg race involving swimming and running. The course is perfectly strung along the James River and trails with beautiful views of the Richmond city skyline.

In 2009 Trailrunner Magazine named Richmond one of the best trail-running towns in America. Pair that with Outside Magazine’s number one overall pick for the best river town in America in 2012 and you have the perfect course for an amazing swimrun event.

Richmond has become known as a top competitor for one of the most physically active communities around. Filled with scenic running trails, biking excursions, 5k’s, marathons, the Monument Avenue 10k, triathlons, and now swimrun events, RVA has become a top destination for the active racing and outdoor community.

The Swim-Run-VA event started in 2016 with only 12 teams of 2. It was the second Swimrun event in the United States and the first ever in Virginia. This year’s race hosted 41 teams of 2 including professional racer, Eric Limkemann. Athletes from all over the East Coast joined the challenge. Ten different states and districts were represented including Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 2018 is only going to get bigger. Are you up for the challenge?

SwimRunVA starts with serene views of the sunrise over the James River mixed with beautiful trails starting at Huguenot Flatwater Park. After this long swim to the Z dam, it’s time for quick but technical swim around some rapids. The course then takes you on a run at Pony Pastor and into the quick moving part of the river for a fast 1000 meter swim. Moving into more urban features of the event, racers will run through quiet neighborhoods and over Richmond’s downtown expressway into a short sprint swim under the Boulevard bridge. Next is a 2.87 mile run from Texas beach trail to Northbank trail to Belle Isle which is arguably the funnest and most challenging leg of the race. After a quick swim and breathtaking city skyline views from Richmond’s Floodwall, your final swim finishes at Chappel Island and Great Shiplock park. The home stretch is a 2 mile run that includes the Richmond terminus of the Capital Trail, Shockoe Bottom, and the Canal Walk across the pipeline trail into Brown’s Island. A final sprint for the finish to the River bank across from the Tredegar American Civil War museum will complete you amazing journey..

SwimRun Lake James

SwimRun is a combination of teamwork, endurance and adventure.   It is a challenging event completed in teams of two. Participants will alternate between trail/wooded runs and open water swims all while staying within 10-meters of their partner.  The inagural 2018 SwimRun Lake James is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and offers rolling terrain with beautiful lake waters.  Teams of 2 will tackle about 4 miles of swimming and 13-14 miles of running. The course will have about 17 run sections and 16 swim sections.

An application is required for each team/team member to participate in the race.  Applications are open until March 15th 2018.

We will select a limited number teams based on athlete resumes and experience.  Each team application will be evaluated and selected teams will be awarded a slot.


Teams that are awarded slots will be required to submit their team fee  to ensure entry into the race.  Failing to do so may forfeit the team slot, which will be rolled down to the next team.  Applications will be accepted until all slots are taken.

The origin of SwimRun began in Sweden in 2002 with a bet and has turned into the now famous and very tough Island to Island (ÖTILLÖ) race, where teams of 2 (dependent on each other) run across an island, swim to the next one, run across that island, and swim again etc etc. ÖTILLÖ is now the World Championship event with 65km of running and 10km of swimming spread out over 20 islands.

Hopefuls are encouraged to visit the official OTILLO website and the Official Film: OTILLO 2016 The Swimrun World Championship to learn more about this challenging event and gain insight on optimal gear selection

Wetsuits covering the full torso and upper thighs at a minimum are MANDATORY for each athlete.  Each team must have a whistle, compass, and compress bandage.