January updates

Happy New Year and off-season (if that’s your thing right now).

Before you eat that second plate of cookies, throwing all new year’s resolutions out the window, we wanted to remind you that the 2018 season is fast approaching. As such, we have some new and exciting things coming up, sure to get you motivated.

Our new 2018 Board of Directors has been elected. They are excited to serve and grow the club. Please welcome Tripp Godsey as President, Kim Parker Vice President, Tracy Young Treasurer and Jason Williams Secretary. If you have any questions about the club and why it rocks, please get in touch with one of them.

We’re excited to hold a winter social on January 25th from 6 to 8 pm at the Green Goat. Please let us know if you might be able to attend. This is an informal gathering to talk about our vision for the year, the club and get to know each other. Who knows, you might find someone to train with.

Very exciting, and more to come on this next item. Jim and Lauren Pickens have volunteered to head up a swim video session at the Gator Aquatic Center on January 28th (Sunday) starting at 2pm. We will have a GoPro setup to record your swim, underwater and above water. We hope to also have a poolside display for instant review and feedback. Additionally, we will email that file to you so that you may review and dissect on your own, or forward to a swim coach. Brett Fonder of the Gator Center has offered to set up individual lesson times for one on one discussion. More information will follow on this topic, but do shoot us an email if you’re interested at this time.

We are planning to take a break from the kit ordering this year but will likely be looking at a tee to sport on the podium.

Many thanks for your interest and support. We look forward to making it a great year with you!

Kim Parker

Roanoke Valley Tri Club