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    The Triathlete’s Training Bible, 4th Ed – Joe Friel

    This is pretty much the go-to book for the self coached athlete. It covers everything you need to know about planning your race season, the different phases, and how to use software such as TrainingPeaks to keep track and plan in order to be on form for your A race. I misplaced my 3rd edition, and recently picked up this new entirely re-written one.

    The Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide – Matt Fitzgerald

    For those that are self coached and would rather have a straight forward do this on that day without looking at performance management charts this is the book for you. It has multiple levels of plans covering distances from sprint to full. The one minor annoyance is there’s a lot of page flipping between the abbreviations used in the plan chart and the key at the beginning of the section.

    Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage

    Let’s face it, we could all use a stronger core whether it’s to help with our swim, bike, or run posture, or just making everyday life easier and healthier. This book casts aside doing sit-up after sit-up and gives 50 core exercises you can do at home to build functional strength.

    Stretching – Bob Anderson
    And who wouldn’t like to be a little more flexible as well? Stretching starts with how and when to properly stretch, and provides illustrated stretches and routines for activities ranging from warming up for a race to when you’re killing time waiting by the office copier.

    Training and Racing with a Power Meter – Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan PhD

    Really into numbers and diving deep into how to make the most of your power meter? Dr Coggan and Bedford, VA, resident Hunter Allen have written the book for you. Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) is in here.

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